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Live Large! Paperback Edition

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An Encouraging, new Book About Spiritual Truths and Practical Ways to Act on Them.

How do you feel God change your life? Learning to do so is arguably the most important lesson any of us will ever face.

In Bob Lonac’s Live Large! he shares a deeply personal account of seven times he felt God, how those experiences changed his life, and practical exercises to reflect on God’s work in your own life.

Dive deep into the paperback edition, where you can easily bookmark pages and write notes in the margins. Download a digital preview of Chapter 1.

What I love most is experiencing his wonder in the miracles of God and then personally receiving a fresh dose of encouragement so I never settle for less than living my life large.

Tami Heim,
President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

Approximately 117 pages. Chapters include:

  • Chapter 1 — Be Still and Know that I Am God 
  • Chapter 2 — Hearing God’s Voice
  • Chapter 3 — Never Stop Praying
  • Chapter 4 — The Spiritual Battle Underway
  • Chapter 5 — Bad Things Happen
  • Chapter 6 — Why I Believe in Miracles 
  • Chapter 7 — Live Large!